The standard is based on the communication stack of EIB but enlarged with the physical layers, configuration modes and application experience of BatiBUS and EHS. KNX is designed to be independent of any particular hardware platform. A KNX Device Network can be controlled by anything from an 8-bit microcontroller to a PC, according to the needs of a particular implementation.


Crestron engineers, manufactures, and delivers the world’s most advanced control and automation technology. Our solutions set the standard for performance and reliability for Fortune 500® companies, government organizations, leading hospitals and universities, and prestigious homes across the globe.


Since 1986 Till Date, the Digitcom and Smarthome Family has walked a stable growth Path making it one of the Most Stable Industries in its sector today. SmartHome Group and Digitcom Group Inc always Work Hand In Hand to Make Sure that All Market Expertise, Integration Methods, Latest Appliances and Designs, New Electronics and Furniture are all Integrated in Harmonic and Elegant Way under a Single Automation Control Platform.


Established in 1985, HDL is a global company that manufactures customised building automation products and professional stage lighting equipment. HDL knows that environmental protection is crucial, we strive to provide innovative products with the latest efficient energy solutions that improve the comfort and convenience in living spaces, via our extensive network of distributors and installers


Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol for home automation. It is oriented to the residential control and automation market and is intended to provide a simple and reliable method to wirelessly control lighting, HVAC, security systems, home cinema, automated window treatments, swimming pool and spa controls, and garage and home access controls


Modbus is a serial communications protocol. Simple and robust, it has since become a de facto standard communication protocol, and it is now a commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices.


made by iHome-RF
We have created controller. We call it "ecoSYS".

iHome-RF.ecoSYS creates ecosystem of your smart devices and provide seamless integration between accessories that support HomeKit and other Smart Home platforms, allowing for new advances in home automation. Now it supports Smartbus G4 and HDL technologies and will support other. Just run it and feel excellence and convenience of HomeKit framework by Apple. Control your devices by Siri (voice assistant), use any Apps from AppStore

  • HomeKit

    You get all Homekit features in your Home using iHome-RF ecoSYS

  • Affordable

    You pay for one license, use it in many Apple devices and can invite many people.

  • Easy setup

    You will spend only 15-20 min, to set up iHome-Rf ecoSYS

You tested iHome-RF ecoSYS and want to buy license key. How to get it?